Matheus Canteri

Matheus Canteri was always meant to be one of Brazil’s top guitarists. Armed with a guitar that his father made him by hand at the age of twelve, it did not take long for Canteri to become the virtuoso now known all over Brazil, South America, and the world. 


In 2016, Canteri visited Nashville and was quickly taken in by the city's elite having opportunities to sit in with The Don Kelly Band, Johnny Hiland, The Royal Hounds, and Tim McDonald. At the end of 2018, Canteri made the life-changing decision to move to Nashville permanently, and you can now find him performing regularly on the strip.


This course contains:

- 18 of Matheus Canteri's favorite chicken 

pickin' licks.

- Every guitar part from The Royal Hounds' latest album, played fast & slow.

- Feature length performance video of every lick

- Complete tab & notation

Matheus Canteri Course Photo.png

This course contains:

- Over 30 exercises for scales, arpeggios and solo phrasing

- Full video explanation of exercises

- Full demonstration of Matheus' original piece 'Cow On The Run'

- Complete tab & notation

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