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Modern Country Method

Modern Country Method


Country guitar wizard Matheus Canteri teaches you his approach to playing blazing country lead guitar in his course 'Modern Country Method'.


Chapters include:

- Minor Pentatonics

- Major Pentatonics

- Banjo Rolls

- Rhythm Guitar

- Arpeggios

- Chromatic Note Connections

- Licks

- Combining Licks to create Phrases

- Mixolydian Scale

- Double Stops

- Combining Tonality

- Major-Minor Pentatonic Licks


Upon purchase you will receive an instant download of a ZIP file containing Matheus Canteri's course. We recommend downloading the file to a PC or Mac first, as certain phones/tablets have issues opening ZIP files. This file contains:

- Over 50 lesson videos.

- Full video explanation for every exercise, played fast & slow.

- Fully notated tablature for every excercise and demonstration.


Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

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