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Creative Country - Part 2

Creative Country - Part 2


Learn lead country guitar from one of Nashville's most creative minds - Matthew Lee. In this bespoke package you'll get 10 hand-crafted licks by Matt, along with tabs and a full walkthrough explanation of every lick delivered by the man himself, so you can get a direct insight into how one of country guitar's most creative artists thinks. Available for $19.99 with subscribers to Country Guitar Players getting 40% off, don't miss out on the chance to take your lead country pickin' to the next level.


Upon purchase you will receive an instant download link to a ZIP file containing Matthew Lee's course. We recommend downloading the file to a PC or Mac first, as certain phones/tablets have issues opening ZIP files. The file contains:

- 10x Original hand-crafted licks from Matthew Lee.

- Audio for each lick.

- Walkthrough videos for each lick from Matthew Lee directly.

- Backing track.

- Full notated tablature for each lick.


Difficulty: Advanced

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