Theory Guide for Country Guitarists

Theory Guide for Country Guitarists



Whether you're completely new to country guitar, or if you've been playing for a while but want a better understanding of what you already know, Lew's theory course is for you. 


This course has been designed to take players through the very basics of playing notes and scales, all the way through to soloing over a 1-4-5 train beat - with a straightforward and simple to understand explanation of everything along the way. 


Chapters include:


The Notes

The Pickin'

The Rhythms

The Techniques

The Tonality

Following Chords

In Context

Next Steps



Upon purchase you will receive an instant download of a ZIP file containing the CGP Theory Guide for the Country Guitarist. We recommend downloading the file to a PC or Mac first, as certain phones/tablets have issues opening ZIP files. 


This file contains:

- 1x PDF file of the theory guide.

- 33x Video files demonstrating the exercises in the course.

- 4x Backing tracks for practicing the exercises to.


Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate