Advanced Soloing Method

Advanced Soloing Method


Lew Thomas takes you through his approach to advanced soloing in this exclusive course containing 5x original advanced country guitar solos. Each solo is in a different style within the country genre, including Country-Rock, Country-Blues, Western Swing, Classic Country and Train-Beat. Lew breaks down the key phrases in each solo in the accompanying theory guide, to give you a full understanding of exactly what's going on and how you can apply it to your own playing.


Upon purchase you will receive an instant download of a ZIP file containing Lew Thomas' course. We recommend downloading the file to a PC or Mac first, as certain phones/tablets have issues opening ZIP files. This file contains:

- 5x Original solo videos.

- Backing tracks for all solos.

- Audio files for all solos.

- Fully notated tablature for all solos.

- 1x PDF theory guide.


Difficulty: Advanced