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Learn country guitar the right way.

Take your country guitar playing to the next level with our bespoke learning platform. 

From basic music theory, all the way to Nashville hot chicken pickin' - learn country guitar the right way

Only $20 per month.




How It Works.

What's Included.

Theory Fundamentals



Picking Variations

Basic Country Licks

Chord-Based Soloing

Bend Licks

Pedal Steel Bends

Double Stops

Nashville Hot Licks

Chromatic Runs

Chord Substitutions

Diminished Scale Licks

Dorian Mode

Mixolydian Mode

Brent Mason Solos

Brad Paisley Solos

Lew Thomas Solos

Classic Country Solos

Backing Tracks

Interactive Tabs
powered by Soundslice

All shot in 4k and powered by Soundslice's interactive tabs for looping, slowing down & speeding up, making our platform the smoothest learning experience on the market.

Check out our FAQ page here for additional information

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